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Our new ergogenic/nootropic PSyche is now available. PSYCHE combines three synergistic, naturally-occurring ingredients for a mood-enhancing, stimulatory boost that will help you operate at peak physical and mental performance levels. Read More

We are rolling out new labeling across all of the Antaeus Labs products, using a fresh blue, white, and yellow color scheme. Aegis is the first product to be rolled out with the new labels, and the rest will follow as new batches of each product are produced. The labels for the Modular Series will not be affected.

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Antaeus Labs is an international supplement and cosmetic company with an in-house supply and production network. We focus on unique delivery systems & on novel ingredients which may be impractical for larger companies to release on vast scales. Our research and production processes are truly cutting-edge, and every batch of every product is very rigourously tested before it finds its way to the market. (We make all analytical batch testing public & also offer incentives to people who take before and-after blood tests for us.)

We deeply value your feedback. Our customers are our top concern & we would like to take a personal interest in your success. Please feel free to contact us at any time & for any reason.