Topical LIPOMORPH – More effective, more targeted. LIPOMORPH has been reformulated for targeted fat reduction at the site(s) of application.


Is now available an OPTIMIZED ZINC ACETATE LOZENGES  – Immune System Support.


Years in the making, UltraTest has arrived. The testosterone revolution is here.


TITAN unleashed! an industry leading natural anabolic with bioavailability enhanced tomatidine.


Antaeus Labs proudly introduces Hydra Head Six: A category-defining anti-catabolic supplement intended primarily for those looking to hold onto muscle while shedding weight.


Our new ergogenic/nootropic PSyche is now available. PSYCHE combines three synergistic, naturally-occurring ingredients for a mood-enhancing, stimulatory boost that will help you operate at peak physical and mental performance levels.

PSYCHE may help to improve mood, heighten awareness, boost cognition, and reduce the perception of fatigue. It may also help increase lean body mass and muscular strength, speed up recovery, combat exercise-induced stress and prevent muscle soreness. (These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.)


We are rolling out new labeling across all of the Antaeus Labs products, using a fresh blue, white, and yellow color scheme. Aegis is the first product to be rolled out with the new labels, and the rest will follow as new batches of each product are produced. The labels for the Modular Series will not be affected.


Following on from the success of our BAIBA-based fat burner Lipo-Morph, we have released the “fat-burning” amino acid BAIBA as a solo ingredient in the Modular Series. βaiba provides 30g of the tasteless, odorless small molecule myokine β-aminoisobutyric acid.


Antaeus introduces: The Lucid Dreaming Stack
From today, and while stocks last, anyone buying our sleep and dream supplement Oneiromancer will get a free bottle of Galantamine!
Both Oneiromancer and Galantamine are associated with deeper sleep and vivid dreams, and may aid lucid dreaming and astral projection when used in conjunction with induction techniques.


Antaeus Labs are proud to present LipoMorph, a weight-management supplement at the cutting edge of scientific understanding of human physiology. LipoMorph is the first “fat burner” supplement to specifically target all known modifiable mechanisms of white fat browning, and both brown and beige fat activation.